President Lilly speaks to CHAMPS students

President Lilly speaks to CHAMPS students

PC President Dr. Claude Lilly was the CHAMPS featured speaker on Wednesday, July 17. Lilly spoke with CHAMPS eighth graders about their future and the importance of following their dreams.

lilly-champs-talkDuring his talk, Lilly asked the students what they planned to be when they got older and answered several questions from the students about PC, colleges, and careers.

Lilly encouraged the students to stay focused on education.

“What I found in life,” he said, “is that you have to prepare yourself for every opportunity that comes along. Take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.”

To illustrate his point, President Lilly went on to talk to the students about his education at Georgia State University and his teaching and administrative positions at Texas Tech, Southern California, Florida State, and UNC-Charlotte.

“You’re getting a lot of educational experiences,” Lilly said. “It’s critical that during CHAMPS you get an appreciation for education. It’s the only asset that no one can take away from you.”

Lilly also shared with the CHAMPS students the importance of learning how to think. He said that getting a true education, instead of memorizing facts, will enable them to find what they’re truly interested in and will prepare them for the future.

“You must prepare for what life is going to be like 10, 20, 40, 50 years from now,” Lilly said. “PC enjoys being a part of CHAMPS because we want to make sure that you succeed.

“A lot of people here care a lot about you. CHAMPS is a success because of you.”