'The Girls of Atomic City' author Denise Kiernan featured at PC on April 22

‘The Girls of Atomic City’ author Denise Kiernan featured at PC on April 22

CLINTON, S.C.—Presbyterian College will welcome author Denise Kiernan on Tuesday, April 22. The New York Times best-selling author of the “Girls of Atomic City” will lecture about the true story of young women living in a secret government city during World War II while unknowingly working on the first atomic bomb.

Kiernan will present her lecture at 4:30 p.m. in the Chapman Conference Center, followed by a reception and opportunity to purchase a signed copy of Kiernan’s book.

Kiernan’s work appeals to science and history lovers alike, as well as anyone interested in the humane account of the “girls” who worked behind the scenes at Oak Ridge, Tenn., as part of the top-secret wartime effort .

In one of her most popular talks, Kiernan takes audiences back in time and into a top-secret world where young women and men lived and worked surrounded by spies and secrecy, forbidden to speak of their work, even to each other, as the United States worked to face the challenges of World War II and the Manhattan Project raced to harness nuclear power.

A lively and engaging speaker, Kiernan enthralls audiences with this story of adventure, intrigue, sacrifice and controversy.
Kiernan has been working as a writer for more than 15 years covering a variety of topics. She has been published in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Village Voice, Ms. Magazine, Saveur and many more national publications. She has also worked in television serving as head writer for ABC’s “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and has produced for places such as ESPN and MSNBC as well as independent productions.

Kiernan has authored several popular history titles including “Signing Their Lives Away,” “Signing Their Rights Away” and “Stuff Every American Should Know.”
Based on her years as a freelancer, she devised a money-management system for independent workers, outlined in “The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed.” She has also co-authored books for athletes, entrepreneurs and actresses. As an author, Kiernan has been a featured guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, PBS NewsHour, NPR Weekend Edition, Morning Joe on MSNBC, The Takeaway on WNYC, The Cycle on MSNBC and many other print and radio outlets.

“We are so grateful to the Hicklin Family Fund for Southern Studies for making it possible to invite an author of Denise Kiernan’s caliber to PC,” said Dr. Anita Gustafson, PC professor of History.

“Many of these women came from the South, and all of them played an important role in the development of our nation’s nuclear capabilities. Her story is one that pulls together topics of Southern studies, women’s and gender studies, history and English, and I am grateful to all of these programs for helping to sponsor this program,” said Dr. Anita Gustafson, PC professor of history.

In addition to the Hicklin Southern Studies Fund, support is provided by the Presbyterian College Women’s/Gender Studies program, the English and history departments and the Provost’s office.