Confucius Institute Day Celebrations

Confucius Institute Day Celebrations

On September 27, 2014, the 10th anniversary of Confucius Institute, CI at Presbyterian College held the first global ‘Confucius Institute Day’ celebrations. The event on 27th got a great turn out. Students from Midland STEM in Fairfield County, Greenville Technical Charter High School, Oakbrook Preparatory School in Spartanburg, Bell Street Middle School in Clinton, Laurens Academy in Laurens, Students from Champs, Presbyterian College Students, many local home educated students and families from local community attended the event. At the ceremony section, Dr. David Liu, CI director, Dr. Donald Raber, the Provost of PC, Mr. Robert Mclean, Mayor of Clinton, Mr. Greg Alexander, Chairman of Laurens County Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Mark Willis, South Carolina House of Representative gave words on the ceremony, joining us in celebrating CI Day.

There are various activities at this celebration event. Chinese Class Demonstrations provided Chinese classes to different level students who have interests in the Chinese language. Calligraphy provided opportunities for hands-on practice, and also visitors put their wishes on the Message Walls. Young kids loved the Word Puzzles and side-walk calligraphy fun writing most. The family took pictures in the Snap Shot tent, where they can find traditional and national Chinese costumes. Tai Chi Demonstration performed by PC students wowed both American and Chinese audience. They just learned Tai Chi for 5 weeks, but they were really attracted by the beauty of Chinese martial arts. Lion Dance from Greenville Chinese Culture Association impressed the audiences as well as the Taichi Fan show from the local American team.

September 27 is the highlight of the celebration of the whole week. We also had other great activities like Chinese Arts Exhibitions and Chinese Kong Fu Show through the whole week. These series of celebration events are full of Chinese features and sincerity from CI staff. Attendees send their best wishes to CI programs and China.

The Chinese director, Dr. Kejian Jin got an appreciation award for her outstanding and professional service at PCCI. She took that as an award to all CI Chinese faculty and staff. All work done by CI staff for five years paid off by the compliments of American people.

The whole week celebration events received great support from PC and local Media. PC News and Laurens Advertiser report the news of CI day before and after the events. The event itself took up a fair portion of the plaza outside of Templeton gym; spanning over four tents and an eating area. Certainly, by far, the largest event by CI this year. It’s events ranged all throughout Chinese Culture always giving the attendees something to do and captivate their interests. The guests ranged from all different ages with k-12, college students, and even adults participated in this event. This day was a huge success that took months of planning by CI staff and all those involved and it was great to see that it had such a positive effect on all those who attended, and we can’t wait until next year.