Jordan Ashley Represents the Big South Conference at NCAA Convention

Jordan Ashley Represents the Big South Conference at NCAA Convention

15 Jordan Ashley

Jordan Ashley

“PC athletics has a special place in my heart,” said Jordan Ashley, a junior softball player.

Jordan serves on the national board of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) as a representative of the Big South Conference. “My experience with the NCAA thus far has been life changing,” says Jordan, “It has opened so many doors in my life.”

A native of Abbeville, Jordan came to PC after being recruited for the softball team. While on a tour, Jordan said that the campus drew her in and she felt a longing “to be the student sitting by the fountain reading a book.”

“I felt like, if I attended PC, I was set up for success in life,” explained Jordan.

Through her involvement in the campus Student-Athlete Advisory Council, Jordan was given the opportunity to represent PC and her fellow student athletes at the conference level SAAC meetings.

Before the initial gathering at the conference, she remembers feeling nervous about being the voice of PC student athletes. As the meeting progressed, Jordan’s nerves calmed as she realized that the close-knit relationships she shares with other PC student athletes allowed her to advocate for the interests of her peers. PC is one of the smallest Division I institutions and Jordan feels that athletes here support each other like a family.

Jordan now represents the entire Big South Conference at the national NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory council meetings. Twice a year, Jordan travels to the NCAA office in Indianapolis for meetings and also attends a weeklong meeting at the NCAA Convention. Through this, Jordan has met both the president and vice president of the NCAA as well as countless athletic directors of institutions.

Additionally, the national SAAC committee elected Jordan to the executive board, where she serves as the only student representative on the NCAA academic misconduct committee. “I’m so excited to see what the future holds!” exclaimed Jordan.

“This experience has led me to decide on a career path in college athletics,” said Jordan, “I hope eventually to become an athletic director at a college or university.” As a business major with an accounting minor, Jordan is well prepared for a future in this field.

When Jordan is not jet setting around the country to represent student athletes, she serves as vice president of the SAAC at PC, is an active member of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and is the starting catcher on the softball team.