CI Brings Mongolian Dances to PC All the Way from China’s Mongolian Grassland

CI Brings Mongolian Dances to PC All the Way from China’s Mongolian Grassland

It’s a beautiful night and we are looking for something fun to do. How about enjoying some exotic music and dances?

Exotic music and dances were exactly what we had on this pleasant Saturday night. The Confucius Institute was very privileged to have brought a musical group all the way from China’s Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. The show, titled “Wind from the Grassland”, lasted from 7 PM to 8 PM and brought to the Belk Auditorium an audience of over 300 people from PC campus, Clinton, Laurens, Greenwood, and Greenville.

The gala was kicked off with a chorus entitled “The Vast Grassland” by a group of three. A kogemei vocal performance, where singers Bao Xiaokang and Ahzi did an overtone singing with his throat, brought the evening to its pinnacle. Zhang Hao and Wang Xiangyi’s pas de deux showed the beauty, grace, and elegance of Mongolian dancing, followed by another chorus of a Chinese song titled “I Have a Date with the Grassland” by the whole troupe. The group, in the end, presented khata scarves to a row of the audience who were PC professors as a traditional Mongolian way to express gratitude and bid farewell.

Before the performance started, Dr. Zihua Liu, director of the Confucius Institute at PC, addressed the audience by extending his thanks to all the parties that had worked to bring “Wind from the Grassland” to PC and inviting those who were presented to the Confucius Institute International Day celebration, a cultural event taking place Saturday, September 26 at PC.

PC was proudly the Chinese singing and dancing group’s first stop in their month-long tour of the United States. Ms. Qing Liang, deputy director of the Confucius Institute at the University of South Carolina, works as the translator for the group during their tour in the States and the master of ceremony for their performances.