Chinese Club and Study in China Opportunity Announced at Welcome-Back Party in 2016

Chinese Club and Study in China Opportunity Announced at Welcome-Back Party in 2016

Did you make your New Year’s resolution for 2016? One of the resolutions of the Confucius Institute is to be more involved with the PC community. Thursday’s welcome-back buffet party marks our first step toward that goal as we announced the Chinese Club, currently made of 5 brilliant PC students, and met the students from China.

Another highlight of the welcome was Dr. Liu’s announcement of the study in China opportunity. The program, starting on May 8, will last five weeks, during which time students will be able to study at Guizhou University—one of PC’s major partner schools in China—and tour the province of Guizhou as well as Beijing and Shanghai, the two largest cities in the People’s Republic.

Before the attendees of the event indulged themselves in Chinese food, they got to have a fun video chat with Graham Hope, a PC alum who is now on his third China study trip in Guizhou.

The Chinese Club represents a long-conceived idea of the Confucius Institute, aiming to promote the understanding of the Chinese language and culture at PC and help Chinese students get involved on campus. Previous Chinese Club activities were mainly presented in the form of China-related lectures or Chinese hands-on games. Now we are able to get students to decide what aspects of Chinese culture they would like to experience at PC and see their ideas come to fruition. Like those of other student clubs on the PC campus, members of the Chinese Club, through their work, will be able to improve their own leadership and miscellaneous skills.


By Xiaorui Du