Influential Women in PC's History: Fanchon Glover

Influential Women in PC’s History: Fanchon Glover

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Shortly after graduating from PC in 1990, Fanchon (Chon) Glover was appointed to a dual position at PC in the fall of 1991, serving as the coordinator of both Student Volunteer Services and minority affairs. As the coordinator of SVS, Glover reported to the chaplain, and her SVS updates were part of the chaplain’s reports to the PC Board of Trustees. As the coordinator of minority affairs, Glover reported to the dean of students, Joe Nixon, who included her data in his reports to the trustees.

Prior to this appointment, Glover had been working as an instrument of God’s peace as leader of the Student Fellowship Choir. As a PC student involved in SVS, Glover coordinated the Joanna tutors, worked at Laurens Memorial Home (for senior adults), helped at Special Olympics, helped found and then lead the Fellowship Choir, and initiated a program in a Clinton nursery school which served underprivileged children.

During Glover’s time as coordinator of SVS, the organization began adopting a yearly theme, challenging students to “become a part of the volunteering puzzle” during the 1991-1992 school year. Also under Glover, Clinton Elementary School children were offered big sisters and brothers, and the well-known Meals on Wheels had PC participants for the first time. Including participation in Special Olympics, more than half of the student body was involved in at least one SVS activity during the 1991-1992 school year.

In hindsight, Glover evaluated her combination position as a “healthy good fit.” Being black and directing the Student Fellowship Choir were her links to the small black student population, but if that had been her only job, it would have cut her off from the majority of students. By contrast, “SVS connects you with all the students,” she recalls.

Accordingly, the Glover era was a watershed. For the first time in its history, SVS was led by a PC graduate, a former SVS worker, a female, an African-American, and a layperson (non-clergy).