Influential Women in PC's History: Jane Hammet

Influential Women in PC’s History: Jane Hammet

Jane Hammet Influential Women PC History Feature

Jane Hammet was a beloved former student and faculty member of Presbyterian College. Hammet and her husband, Ben, diligently served the PC community together for a number of decades. Ben served as a college administrator to PC for 40 years. Jane also is remembered for her service to the community.

Hammet and her husband moved to Clinton 1949. While living here, Hammet completed her B.A. here at PC, graduating in 1962. Afterward, she went on to earn her master’s degree from Western Carolina University. Beginning in 1971, Hammet also started working at PC.

She served as the assistant professor of physical education and health for 17 years, working at PC from 1971-1987. However, her dedication to the college extended far beyond her teaching. Hammet was a leader who helped initiate many programs here at PC, especially new female athletic programs.

She introduced both women’s tennis and volleyball to the campus. In 1991, the athletic director at the time, Cally Gault, deemed Hammet the “founder of women’s athletics at PC”.  which is not a far cry from the truth whenever one looks at her extensive history of contribution to women’s athletics. She also helped lead the effort to introduce Special Olympics to PC.

In 1987, Hammet returned to the public school system, where she served as chairman of the English department. She died on Nov. 22, 1991. Even though she has passed, her legacy at PC remains in peoples’ memories, and in the continuing, successful, women’s athletic programs here at the college.