Presbyterian College hosts annual teacher induction ceremony

Presbyterian College hosts annual teacher induction ceremony

On Friday, May 13, 2016, Presbyterian College hosted its annual teacher induction ceremony with 20 graduates from the education department taking the oath for graduating educators.

In his opening remarks, PC President, Bob Staton spoke directly to the graduating education majors saying, “You assume the duty of inspiring the children who will become our future leaders.”

Don’t accept less than what you are capable of,” Staton added. “Push your students to do what you know they can, not what they will settle for.”

The event, which was a part of PC’s 133rd commencement ceremony activities was highlighted by guest speaker Jed Dearybury, director of professional development and communications for the Palmetto State Teacher’s Association. Dearybury is a 13 year veteran of the early childhood classroom from Spartanburg District Six. During his classroom tenure, Dearybury received numerous awards. He was featured in “GQ Magazine, met President Obama, and was named as a top five finalist for South Carolina Teacher of the Year.

“I am excited to share my journey in education as these new teachers begin theirs,” Dearybury said. “The following Argentine proverb exemplifies my philosophy of teaching, ‘If I pass through life without making a mark, for what did I live?’”

“This is my challenge to you,” Dearybury added. “Love first and teach second. Go be somebody’s foundation, faith, feelings, fun, and future.”



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