Neville Renewed Campaign Chair announces updates on funding and opportunities

Neville Renewed Campaign Chair announces updates on funding and opportunities


Message from the Campaign Chair

As chair of the Neville Renewed campaign, I am thankful for the generosity that has been shown throughout the course of the past two years. If you have been to campus recently, you would have noticed that the construction aspect of the Neville Renewed campaign has moved along at a rapid pace. The brick façade of the addition is making it look more and more a part of our campus.

With the support of many, we have pressed forward and continue moving quickly toward achieving the campaign goal. As I write this, I am happy to announce that we are now less than $1 million away from fully funding the Neville Renewed campaign. To date, more than $10.8 million has been raised since the start of the campaign. With the help of advancement staff, we are finding new and innovative ways to engage our alumni and donors, and participation in the campaign is greater than ever before.

Currently, there are seven active naming opportunities that have been primarily grass-roots initiatives to honor or memorialize PC icons. These opportunities are all at various stages of funding, and I would encourage you to go to the campaign website to review the ways that you could help enshrine the likes of beloved professors Prater, Gillespie, Skinner, King, and others on the walls of Neville so that their names can continue to inspire PC undergraduates for generations to come.

We also just announced the Met and Married initiative that will allow for PC couples to have a special space in the renewed Neville Hall to commemorate the relationships that were forged and blossomed at PC. This initiative, spearheaded by fellow trustees Brad Bryant ’75 and Brittany Reese ’07 along with their PC spouses, will be one that can engage alumni with both storytelling and philanthropy.

If you’re like I am, you see Neville as something beyond bricks and mortar. It has always been alive with the energy of teaching and learning. It’s a place where you feel hope for the future, and most of all, you are just happy to have been part of it all.

We are so close, and when the doors open in the fall of 2017, we will all know it was so worth it. Join me and take part in one of the current naming opportunities or initiatives and let’s finish this together! As we push forward to close out this campaign and look towards what comes next, I ask that if you have not taken the opportunity to contribute financially to the Neville Renewed campaign, please consider a gift now!

As an alumni body, we have so much further to go; and we all need to band together to finish this campaign to clear the way for what is next.

E.G. Lassiter ’69
Campaign Chair