Summer Fellow Jarred Brown works with advisor to conduct research on type 2 diabetes

Summer Fellow Jarred Brown works with advisor to conduct research on type 2 diabetes


Jarred Brown, a junior biochemistry major from St. Stephen, S.C., is working with his advisor Dr. Evelyn Swain, associate professor of chemistry to expand her research on type 2 diabetes.

Brown is using the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as a model for type 2 diabetes because the proteins that transport glucose in human cells are similar to those in yeast.

“Glucose transporter homeostasis is maintained through controlled translocation and endocytosis,” Brown said. “This homeostasis may involve fine-tuning the system through maintenance of appropriate transporter ratios.”

Brown explained that it is known that glucose transporters internalize glucose, however, whether glucose transporters are involved in glucose signaling have not been established.

“Our experiments will identify potential functional interactions between glucose transporters that give rise to various phenotypes seen in different HXT over-expressers and HXT gene deletion combinations,” Brown said. “This summer we have been studying the co-suppression of two genes that allow yeast to grow under glucose-limiting conditions, as a way to understand the basic cellular process of glucose signaling.”

The goal of Brown’s research is to help elucidate how diabetes develops and how pathways can be influenced as an alternative treatment for type 2 diabetes.

“This is my first research experience,” Brown said. “I became interested in research because I have always loved looking under the microscope. I also want everyone to live long healthy lives.”

“I love the research process, and how it challenges me to think critically,” Brown added. “In the future, I plan to do research on infectious disease, understanding new diseases, and developing treatments, vaccines, and maybe a cure or two.”

Brown is a part of the wind ensemble, jazz band, and pep band on campus. He has played the alto saxophone for 10 years. He has been a part of student government association as sophomore class secretary. He is also a member of Delta Omicron, the music honor society on campus, as well as racket stringer for both men and women’s tennis teams.

The PC Summer Fellows Program is designed to enhance the academic experience of PC students by providing them with opportunities to work with faculty during the summer. The program is intended for motivated students to gain research experience with direct faculty mentoring. Students experience the process of research as a creative intellectual activity in a living-learning environment.



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