A Message from Bob Staton, President of Presbyterian College

A Message from Bob Staton, President of Presbyterian College

To the PC Community:

Many of you have asked where are we with regard to our strategic plan—an understandable question given the importance of the plan to the College’s future. It is important to note that this marks the first time in more than eighteen years that the college has engaged in such a policy planning effort. The Leadership Team felt it was necessary given the many new occupational demands of the national economy that have emerged since the last strategic plan was adopted in 1999. Therefore, we have spent significant time exploring multiple components of a comprehensive plan and examining the costs and benefits of each. Given the many discussions that are going on in the Blue Hose community, I feel it is important to provide you an update on the process and an indication of when we will be able to engage with you in a full and frank discussion.

This is a strategic plan generated from within, researched and developed by Blue Hose people—people who are dedicated to PC’s short- and long-term success, including administrators, Board members, faculty, and alumni. It is built on our legacy and strengths, takes into account our market environment, and provides a roadmap to ensure that we continue to honor our heritage in a way that empowers successful lives and careers for our students today and tomorrow.

It is a comprehensive plan with tactics for strategic enrollment growth, methods to assure student success here and in life beyond PC, mechanisms to value and reward our people, and an athletic model based on long-term sustainability. No one element of the plan is more important than another.

New academic programs that are part of the plan are already making their way through the development process. Faculty members are engaged in shaping these programs. Likewise, we have completed exhaustive research and analysis related to existing and proposed athletics programs. Athletics provide a highly visible and emotional rallying point for our community, and have always been a source of pride for our entire Blue Hose family. You may hear rumors based on partial or assumed information about athletic or curricular initiatives. Any changes that might occur in these areas are part of a much larger whole and have been thoroughly vetted by the Board and planning committee of administrators, faculty, and alumni.

I’m glad to say that the Board unanimously endorsed the overall direction of the plan at our August retreat. After further refinement over the past several months, I am hopeful that the board will formally discuss and approve the plan next month. We will provide specifics to you before the Christmas holiday.

To ensure that our current and future students flourish in the world and to thrive as a college, we have committed to being prudent: carefully considering our goals, strategic options, and the ramifications of our choices. This is how our leadership and Board have always acted, and we have every intention to continue being thoughtful about our students’ and the College’s wellbeing and prosperity. Our graduates leave here prepared to make an impact on the world, and this plan will allow more students to join our Blue Hose family and continue this legacy. We are proud of our heritage and excited by the path this strategic plan charts for our future. I am confident you will share my enthusiasm when you hear the complete details.



Bob Staton, ‘68