Guizhou University Delegates Visiting in the USA

Guizhou University Delegates Visiting in the USA

On October 30th, delegates from Guizhou University (GU), China arrived at Presbyterian College (PC) to further cooperation between the two institutions through Confucius Institute at PC. The GU delegates brought the Chinese music recital and Chinese calligraphy to the campus and community too.

The delegates, including Mr.Changjiang Luo, vice secretary of the Party Committee of GU, Mr. Jun Min, director of the GU Press, Ms. Shulin Hui, director of GU Admissions, Ms. Qiudan Xiang, from GU Office of International Relations, Ms. Yin Chen, professor of GU Guzheng and Ms. Jie Ren, instructor of Erhu, were warmly welcomed by PC.

On the morning of October 30th, the delegates had an official meeting with PC president, Bob Staton, Don Raber, provost of PC, Viet Ha, director of International Programs, and Roy Campbel, director of China Study Center. Both sides spoke highly of the achievements made by Confucius Institute over the past years. In the meantime, they expressed their anticipations and hopes for further collaborations in arts, humanities, 2+2 programs and faculty and student exchanges. The meeting ended with an MOE being signed.

The delegates also visited the Chinese class at PC. Greeted in Chinese by the PC students, the delegates were amazed that the students could read and speak Chinese after only two months of learning Chinese. The students were stunned and could not express their excitement when Ms.Jie Ren played a song Racing Horses with Erhu, a traditional Chinese music instrument with only two strings.

In the afternoon, invited by Dr. Karen Wisser Buckland, chair of the music department at PC, Prof. Yin Chen and Ms. Jie Ren went to music classes and shared their expertise with students. Besides introducing the two instruments, Guzheng and Erhu, the two musicians also performed classic songs and taught students how to play the instruments.

A welcome reception party was held at Harper Center by PC President Bob Staton. Three GU artists performed a Chinese music recital and calligraphy in Edmund’s Hall. The traditional Chinese instruments, Guzheng and Erhu, were both featured during the performance. Yin Chen, performed two songs on the Guzheng and also cooperated with Dr. Karen Wisser Buckland on piano. Jie Ren performed three pieces. Calligrapher Jun Min, performed his calligraphy, writing sentences about brotherhood and good relations between the United States and China, expressing his good wishes for Guizhou University and Presbyterian College.

The concert was a grand celebration of Chinese culture. “I was surprised at how well the performance between the piano and the Guzheng went. They’re such different instruments, but it was really neat to hear the piece come together!” Anna Griffin remarked. These occasions of cultural exchange are one of PC Confucius Institute commitments to the PC campus multicultural diversity.

On the evening of October 31st, the delegates went to Bob Jones University and put up another show there, in which Prof. Yin Chen played Guzheng while Sarah Christenson, a senior music major from BJU, played the piano. Ren Jie had a solo of Erhu. The audiences, including the professors of Music Department of Bob Jones and other faculties, students as well as international students from China, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea, were fascinated by the amazing Chinese musical instruments. Calligrapher Jun Min showed his marvelous brush writing and interacted with the audiences. Calligrapher Kathy Bell, a professor of BJU, asked the difference between Li and Xing, two forms of writing, and Jum Min demonstrated that by writing two pieces of “天人合一”, which means heaven and man become one. Dr. Ying Leach, a Chinese teacher at BJU, said, “ This is a great opportunity for communication and education. Thanks go to Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College and the artists from Guizhou University.”