Presbyterian College Confucius Institute International Day

Presbyterian College Confucius Institute International Day

On September 29, Thursday, in its Global Confucius Institute Day, the Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College hosted the Confucius Institute International Day. Several other PC departments, including the Office of International Programs, Students Involvement, Multicultural Programs and Modern Foreign Languages Department and Music Department, worked together to make this event to reach more students and people in the community.

In front of the Greenville Dining Hall at PC, countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, Spain, Northern Ireland and Uganda, as well as the Model United Nations,  met  under the beautiful tents to share their foods and cultures with students, faculty and staff, as well as community members.

The celebration began with a Chinese dragon dance, which was played by both Chinese and American students and teachers. Accompanied by loud, spirit-lifting drum beats, the dragon flew up and down,  animated the crowd.

Booker Ingram, Prof. of Political Science and the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Presbyterian College made an opening speech, welcoming the students. He said  the event helps to “build international awareness among our students, staff, and faculty” and help students to become “more informed global citizens.” He also encouraged students to “spread the message that people everywhere in the world are generally good and that they want peace and prosperity for their families, friends and future generations.” “It is up to us to break down cultural divisions and misunderstandings. ”

PC students also seized this opportunity to show their Chinese learning: a group of students recited a Chinese poem  A Blooming Tree《一棵开花的树》 and an American student sang a Chinese song ,The Moon Represents My Heart《月亮代表我的心》, with a Chinese girl, both of which are eye-catching.

Besides performances, colorful posters and decorations tell the audiences about the wonders, cultural symbols, games and foods of each country. China exhibited Chinese chess, Chinese knots, Chinese red lantern,  paper-cutting, Beijing Opera masks, chopsticks, kites, and other cultural symbols.

In the international display tables, Germany offered pretzels, and France offered homemade food and gave out miniature Eiffel towers to all who could learn a handful of new French words. Japan offered rice noodles, origami lessons, and traditional Japanese clothes while Spain demonstrated their dancing skills, displayed beautiful fans and offered their traditional foods.

It was a very successful celebration of diversity and it made the Third Annual Confucius Institute International Day a great day.