Martial Arts and Acrobatic Show in Newberry

Martial Arts and Acrobatic Show in Newberry

On Wednesday evening, October 18, audiences at the Newberry Opera House, consisting of every age group from small children to the elderly, were wowed at the spectacle presented to them by Martial Artists and Acrobats from Tianjin, China.

The Martial Artists and Acrobats performed thrilling acrobatics, circus arts, illusions, mesmerizing demonstration of Martial Arts, including various feats of contortion, balance, juggling, aerial stunts and dance, all of which was accompanied by traditional Chinese music. The event lasted for about two hours and featured more than one hundred martial art and acrobatic performers donning vibrant costumes and showcasing their various talents.

The audience, filling the venue, were positively delighted by what they saw. “I loved it!” exclaimed Cynthia Stoddard, who attended the performance with her husband. “I was wondering how they were able to do all those things! It was definitely worth it.”

Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College also took  this performance as a good opportunity for students to know Chinese culture and brought some students to the show.  “I really enjoyed the performance! ”Presbyterian College student Anna Griffin said: “I didn’t know what to expect, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage. I especially loved the leaping frogs and the mask changing.”

Students from Newberry Elementary school, most with their families, were more than excited about the performance. They couldn’t wait to share their feelings with their Chinese teacher.