ROTC Ceremony Salutes Military Service

ROTC Ceremony Salutes Military Service

The Presbyterian College ROTC Program concluded its 99th year with the ROTC Commissioning and Hall of Fame Ceremony on Friday, May 11. The event took place at 2 p.m. in Edmunds Hall.

“(ROTC) is an important part of life here at PC and an important part of developing future leaders for our armed services,” PC President Bob Staton said during the ceremony.

Staton said the event is special to him because he was an ROTC cadet at PC and was commissioned a first lieutenant. Even more important, Staton said that two of his PC classmates, retired Brigadier General H. G. Kirven, Jr. ‘69 and retired Lieutenant Colonel George Randall Grant ‘68, had “long and distinguished careers in and out of the military” and were at the event.

“These two speak to the quality of the Highlander Battalion and its impact on our country and world,” Staton said.

Cadets Commissioned and Honored

After an inspiring speech from Kirven, PC students Brandon Morrow and LeeAnn Salim were commissioned as second lieutenants in the US Army. Morrow will serve in the infantry division, while Salim has been assigned to Military Intelligence.

In addition, three students from Lander University and Newberry College were commissioned during the event.

Also during the ceremony, Morrow was recognized as a Distinguished Military Graduate. This designation is bestowed upon graduates who rank among the top 10% in the nation. A physics and history double major, Morrow completed the Airborne Course, Air Assault Course, and Jungle Survival Specialist Course while in ROTC. He will branch detail as an Infantry Officer on active duty.

Salim received the Highlander Claymore Athletics award, which recognizes the top- scoring cadet on the Army Physical Fitness Test. Salim scored a 334 on the test, exceeding all three event maximums. Salim played on the women’s lacrosse team all four years at PC.

Michelle Ling, from Newberry College, received the 2018 Kimberly Hampton Leadership award. Named in honor of a former PC student who was killed in action in Iraq in 2004, the Kimberly Hampton Leadership Award is presented to the junior Highlander Battalion cadet who personifies hard work, courage, leadership, and honor for school and country.

Hall of Fame Inductee

Grant was honored as the 2018 ROTC Hall of Fame inductee. Grant graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“This institution has been responsible for every success I’ve had,” Grant said during his acceptance speech. “My life and careers were not planned. Every blessing led to the next, and PC ROTC was among the first and most important.”

Grant went on to thank several women in his life who have influenced and supported him, including his wife, his mother, a former teacher, and Leni Patterson, PC’s executive director of alumni relations.

Grant credits PC for successes in his military career and the service to the state of South Carolina and to the communities in which his family has lived. Grant’s military duties began at PC, as leader of the ROTC’s Drum and Bugle Corps, as S3, and as SROTC Battalion Commander.

In fact, the PC motto, “While We Live, We Serve,” and the Adjutant General’s Corps motto, “Defend and Serve,” formed LTC Grant’s view towards his many service achievements. LTC Grant has contributed to both the Presbyterian College Alumni Board and its SROTC Executive Board.

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