Students are Open for Business Opportunities

Students are Open for Business Opportunities

Beginning Saturday, July 21, approximately 120 high school students will spend a week at Presbyterian College during the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce’s 35th Annual Business Week. The annual event gives students exposure to the business industry and workforce.

“Before attending Business Week, many students have misconceptions about businesses, including how much profit the average company earns for each dollar of sales it generates,” said Norman Scarborough, William Henry Scott III Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship. “South Carolina Business Week corrects many of these misconceptions.”

During the week, rising high school juniors and seniors learn about business topics from experts in the industry and hear from professionals in government and education. Twelve teams will form mock companies led by executives across South Carolina. Students are challenged to have the most profitable business through hands-on exercises and workshops.

“By making management decisions, students gain a greater appreciation for all of the expenses that businesses incur as they seek to earn a reasonable profit,” Scarborough said. “They also gain a greater appreciation for the complexity of the factors required to operate a successful business.”

Students learn leadership and team-building skills and network with young entrepreneurs. Four top-performing students will be awarded college scholarships at the end of the week.

“In essence, Business Week is a superb opportunity for sharp young students to experience an intense ‘business boot camp,’ make new friends from across the state, develop their leadership skills and experience a glimpse of college life,” Scarborough said.

The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce’s Business Week is sponsored by the business community across the state.