PC Fundraising Exceeds Year’s Goals

PC Fundraising Exceeds Year’s Goals

PC alumni, family and friends contributed more than $6.4 million to the College last fiscal year, which ended June 30.

“We are grateful to those who helped the College carry out our mission,” said Jacki Berkshire, PC’s vice president of advancement. “You graciously supported current and future PC students, and we cannot thank you enough.”

The total raised during the year includes $1,462,700 for the Annual Fund. These private gifts exceeded the fund’s overall goal of $1,350,000.

The funds raised support:

  • Academic, athletic and need-based scholarships
  • Academic, nutritional and travel support for student-athletes
  • Technology upgrades in the classroom
  • Research opportunities for students

PC’s first-ever Giving Day on May 29 helped make this year such a success. Overall, more than 400 new donors and 450 young alumni gave to the PC Fund and Scotsman Club throughout the year.

Presbyterian College Giving Advancement Year End Numbers

Contributions to the PC Fund totaled $823,329. This amount exceeded the goal of $805,000 and surpassed last year’s contributions of $805,381. The PC Fund provides unrestricted dollars that support the greatest current needs of the College.

Scotsman Club members contributed $511,811 in all. This total exceeded the $500,000 goal and was slightly ahead of last year’s contributions of $511,375.  Scotsman Club members had the opportunity to choose to support Blue Hose student-athletes by giving to the Scholarship Fund or the Student-Athlete Experience Fund. Altogether, donations to the Scotsman Club help student-athletes in the classroom and on the playing field.

Pharmacy Fund donors contributed $27,278 to help PC School of Pharmacy students care for the community. Specifically, these donations provide research opportunities for pharmacy students.

From January to June, those in the Alumni Office and in the Office of Advancement traveled throughout the Southeast to share PC’s new strategic plan with alumni, friends, and families of the College. And the PC faithful responded in a big way: Those who showed their financial support for the Promise of PC contributed $100,282. The Promise of PC shows the College’s commitment to ensure student success and to grow strategically.

“The strategic plan focuses on what PC has focused on since the College was founded: the success of our students,” said PC President Bob Staton. “Thank you to everyone who gave to the Promise of PC campaign and to the Annual Fund overall this year.”

To learn more about giving to PC, please visit www.presby.edu/giving.