Students Learn About FBI Opportunities from Agency Veteran

Students Learn About FBI Opportunities from Agency Veteran

Students filed into Harrington-Peachtree amphitheater recently to hear 23-year FBI veteran Bob Bianco’s insider’s perspective about joining the FBI.

Bianco, now an FBI recruiter, spoke to students about how the agency is open to candidates from a wide range of educational backgrounds, including business, science, mathematics, English and foreign languages. According to Bianco, the FBI needs students to fill their internships and collegiate hiring initiative.

“It was exciting to have the FBI visit on the PC campus,” said Kim Lane, PC’s associate dean of students & director of career development and student success. “I think it is important for our students to see how their liberal arts education can be used in many career paths within the federal government.

“While the FBI hiring process is competitive and stringent, a career with the FBI is very rewarding in terms of long-term job satisfaction, income and benefits.”

Bianco also gave students advice about how they can prepare to possibly be chosen for the 2,000 openings the FBI expects to fill in 2019.

Students learned that there are many opportunities in the FBI beyond the traditional FBI agent role. For example, the FBI is looking for accountants to help detect and track financial crimes. They need those who can use their cultural and language expertise to create relationships with communities across the country. And, according to Bianco, the FBI needs good researchers and analysts to collect and report evidence to move investigations forward.

Bianco also provided information about the FBI’s Honors Internship Program, a 10-week internship program for undergraduate students.

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The Career Development and Student Success Center at PC co-sponsored the event. Visit the Career Development and Student Success page to learn how the office helps students explore majors and careers and connects them to internships and employers.

The Political Science Club also helped sponsor the event. Check out how a political science major or minor from PC can help you.