“The Promise of PC” in Action: New and Refreshed Campus Facilities

“The Promise of PC” in Action: New and Refreshed Campus Facilities

Preconstruction Notice 

Since Presbyterian College opened in 1880, we have regularly added to and refreshed living and learning spaces to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff. From the initial construction of Neville Hall in 1907 to the addition of multiple residence halls and Richardson Science Hall in the 1960s to the development of a new Bailey Stadium for athletics and Spradley Hall for junior and senior student housing in the early 2000s, we have continually recognized that students need vibrant places in and out of the classroom to experience the benefits of a college education.

In 2014, we renovated Georgia Hall, the largest residential facility on campus. Over the last five years we have also invested in HVAC upgrades in different student housing. On the academic side, we completed in 2017 a major renovation and expansion of Neville Hall with the addition of the Cornelson Center. Greenville Dining Hall, Richardson Hall and other facilities have also been refreshed and renewed in recent years.

As we continue to execute our strategic plan — “The Promise of PC” — new and refreshed facilities remain crucial to provide new living and gathering spaces on campus. If you drive down Broad Street, at the intersection with Calhoun Street, you can clearly see our most recent reflection of our promise: Amid the oak trees, three buildings which make up our new residential hall are rising in the distance. These three buildings, located on Johnson Field behind Springs Student Center, have a combined 36 residential units. They will house a total of 144 students, primarily juniors and seniors. Each unit contains four single rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a common gathering space. Developed with support from the PC Real Estate Foundation and a USDA Rural Development Community grant, all three buildings should be complete by early September.

In addition to these new buildings, over the next 12 to 18 months, we also plan to substantially renovate Springs Student Center, Laurens Hall and Bailey Hall. In Springs Student Center, which was originally opened as a gymnasium in 1923, renovations will provide students additional open space for games as well as accommodations for large social events. Second-floor renovations will transform existing office space into a cardio fitness area, while the third-floor space will include a weight room and fitness studio.

To accommodate the changes to Springs Student Center, most student life offices will move to Laurens Hall, which was built in 1908 and is the second oldest building on the Arts and Sciences campus. The campus post office will also relocate to Laurens Hall, and plans include space for student organizations to meet or socialize.

Work is already underway on Bailey Hall, constructed in 1955, to transform this former residential facility into new academic space. As part of the strategic plan, we are developing a Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) program to potentially open in 2021. Renovations to Bailey Hall will provide classrooms, offices and study space for this exciting graduate opportunity for students.

With multiple projects underway this summer and fall, you will see a variety of areas fenced off across campus and equipment moving from site to site. We will stage some of the construction in parking lots off Maple Street, so the lots behind Laurens Hall and Bailey Hall will be restricted. We will also house some of the equipment on or near the historic Callaway tennis courts, but rest assured that there are no plans to remove the courts, and we are exploring opportunities to restore the courts in future years. Parking will also be at a premium when many students, faculty and staff return in the fall. We will keep everyone updated on parking and other matters related to construction as progress continues throughout the summer.

All of these projects reflect our commitment to delivering a quality living and learning experience for our students and faculty. We are excited to see these new and refreshed facilities in place over the next year.