PC welcomes first class of PA students

PC welcomes first class of PA students

PA Welcome Ceremony 2019 | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC

Presbyterian College welcomed its inaugural class of physician assistant studies students during a ceremony on Thursday, Sept. 26 in Kuhne Auditorium.

Each student was presented with a stethoscope during the event, marking the beginning of the master’s program for the 32 students.

“You’re pioneers”

President Staton | PA Welcome Ceremony 2019 | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC“This is an exciting and momentous day for you,” PC President Bob Staton told the class. “You’re pioneers. You’re the first, and that’s an amazing thing. We’re all going to look back on that and on Oct. 1, which is when you start class, as a momentous day.

“It’s a day we started this school and this program, and you’re the first in those classes — that is something that nobody else will ever do. You’re a special class, and you’ll always be remembered as that and always be a part of that history.”

Staton recognized faculty, staff, health professionals and trustees who played pivotal roles in developing the physician assistant program. He also reminded students of the College motto, “While We Live, We Serve,” and the part it will play in their professional lives.

“What you’re doing, you’re really going to step out and serve,” Staton said, “and you’re going to be carrying that mantle of PC when you leave here, and I’m really excited and looking forward to the impact that this courageous group of people – the 32 of you – will go out and have in the world and especially on your patients going forward.”

A Select Group

Program Director Dr. Joseph Weber shared some statistics of the incoming class. About 850 people expressed an interest in the PC PA Studies Program. Applications arrived from 48 states and two Canadian territories.

“We have such a diversity of skills going into this, and that’s so incredible for our community,” Weber said. “You’re coming into this with so much experience which is going to be able to enrich your education, and that’s starting fresh.

“Some of you may be a little newer than the others, and that’s OK because you’re going to get the experiences from this wonderful faculty.”

Weber introduced the PA program’s faculty and staff during the program, as well. President Staton, Provost Raber and Dr. Cliff Fuhrman were recognized for their work and dedication to the program.

More about the PA Studies Program

The welcome reception was just the beginning. Please visit Physician Assistant Studies to learn more about PC’s newest graduate healthcare program.