Music student following dreams of being recording artist

Music student following dreams of being recording artist

Jared Smiling | Music Department | Presbyterian College | Clinton SCPC music student Jared Smiling was in his last year of high school when he released his first album, “Dreamer,” to music streaming platforms.

He’d been singing since he was younger and learned the Garageband app in high school. He uses the software to produce music like the 12-song project, which came out in 2018.

With his music and diploma in hand, he prepared for college. His sights have been set on a career in the music industry.

Smiling enrolled at PC, a familiar school (one of his cousins graduated from the College), with a campus he loved.

“I was interested in going to a small, private school,” he says.

Now, in his second year, he continues to dream and create music. A voice and piano student, he has plans to major in business and minor in music.

The independent artist is interested in business and marketing, aiming to prepare to navigate the competitive industry. Meanwhile, he has dove headfirst in his music courses, sings on the PC Choir and still records music.

So what’s it like to be a recording artist and student?

Outside of class, Smiling’s music projects start on his phone or laptop. Once a song is almost complete, he goes to a local studio to work with an engineer. Along with his artistry, he also takes lessons from the classroom.

“Something that I am really getting from the music classes, as well as lessons here at PC, is how to make music more ‘musical,’” he said of what helps him in the studio. “By ‘musical,’ I mean such things like variations in dynamic levels (loud and soft), modulations of keys and stylistic difference.”

Smiling says he’s also learning how to sing and play more efficiently in the music program — from adding expression and color, to playing piano, mastering breath control and singing classically.

He believes all of it will help him as a pop/R&B singer. So is the genre of “Dreamer,” where some songs are also inspirational, like his second album released while in college.

Growing up, Smiling sang in a church choir, where he picked up a gospel influence. He’s been singing in school choirs from third grade to now.

“Choir at PC is very different than the kind of choirs I am used to being in growing up, as you really have to put in more than a sufficient amount of effort,” he said. “It can be tough at times in the beginning (especially when you’re a bass and have to hit high notes), but the hard work really pays off in the end once the sound that comes out ends up being much better than expected.”

Smiling’s campus involvement also includes several other organizations. He’s president of an original card gaming club, and also takes part in Campus Outreach, Bluefish, MSU and FCA band.

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