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Sororities Writing Letters to Nursing Home Residents

Abigail Harrison makes it a point to visit her grandmother at her assisted living facility three times a week. Now that she’s taking classes at home, she does get to see her grandmother more than she did when she was on campus. But the visits aren’t quite the same since assisted living facilities stopped allowing

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Senior Art Exhibition Explores Relationship Between Man and Animal

Senior art major Lori Hart grew up in the countryside of Jonesville, South Carolina, and has raised animals since she was a child. As she began to shop during a trip to the grocery store one day, she started to wonder about more than checking off her items. She thought about the relationship between consumers

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Together while we’re apart

Dr. Roy Campbell, professor of history, has a similar daily routine as many families nowadays amid the coronavirus pandemic. His children and his wife gear up for online learning during the school week. The children take courses in their rooms. His wife, a middle-school teacher, has claimed one of the upstairs rooms as her classroom.

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