Ray and Scott Bunting named honorary alumni

Ray and Scott Bunting named honorary alumni

Ray and Scott Bunting Presbyterian College Clinton SC Alumni Awards

Brothers Ray and Scott Bunting have combined for nearly 70 years of loyal service to PC. This year, the two have been named honorary alumni for treating the College like their alma mater.

Ray Bunting Presbyterian College Clinton SC Alumni Award

Ray, craftsman supervisor, has been making PC feel like home for students for the past 35 years. He has painted and done carpentry work in every building on the PC campus.

“Ray takes pride in what he does and always has the best interest of our students at heart,” said Leni Patterson ‘83, executive director of alumni relations. “Everyone on campus knows that Ray is extremely reliable and knows that whatever he does is done well.”

Sixteen buildings or additions have been built since Ray first arrived on campus in 1983. Two years ago, Ray received a Golden Paintbrush, PC rocking chair, and a commemorative plaque for his service to the College.

“I was humbled and honored to receive it because I look at it as just doing my job, but taking pride in your work.

“The thing I like most about my years at PC is the friends and relationships I’ve made over the years. From growing up on a dairy farm to working the better part of my life at PC, I have to say I’ve been a blessed man.”

Scott Bunting Presbyterian College Clinton SC Alumni Award

Ray’s brother, Scott, has served in various roles at PC since 1988 and has served as the athletic facilities supervisor since 2008. As athletics facilities supervisor, Scott is in charge of the maintenance of the facilities, field painting, and event staff management.

“If you have been to any athletic event in the past 32 years,” Patterson said, “you can thank Scott for having the lines on the field painted straight and the Block PC and Big South logos carefully painted into the grass.”

Scott does more than take care of the football field. He prepares all courts and fields for competition, from setting up Templeton Gymnasium for a basketball, volleyball, or wrestling match to making sure the baseball complex is ready for a game.

Scott began at PC in the maintenance department, working as a carpenter until 1997. He served as housekeeping supervisor from 2005 to 2008 before transitioning to the Department of Athletics.

“Looking back over the years, I have been blessed in so many ways,” Scott said. “I have thoroughly enjoyed my years at PC and have had the privilege to work with and work for some outstanding individuals. I dare not start naming them for I would surely leave many out!

“Many things have changed over the years that I’ve been here, but one thing remains constant: The people of PC make the difference and make it a special place. It has been an honor to serve the PC community especially in the Department of Athletics with our coaches, staff and student-athletes!”

After working on his family’s dairy farm as a child, Scott graduated in 1985 from Master’s Institute in Lock Haven, Pa., with a degree in dairy herd management.

Ray and Scott moved to South Carolina when their father moved the family dairy farm in 1978. Scott and his wife, Cheryl (Butler), of Knoxville, Pa., still reside in Mountville.

“The Buntings are true Blue Hose,” Patterson said.