Art Exhibition Now Available Online

Art Exhibition Now Available Online

“The Idiosyncratic Pencil Redrafted,” a group invitational exhibition, can now be viewed online at Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery. The exhibition will be open until March 6.

“The Idiosyncratic Pencil Redrafted is an experimental, cross-platform group exhibition consisting of original works transmitted digitally and presented as archival black and white prints,” said

Ann Stoddard, gallery director and curator.

“Leabhar Gabhalla” from The Book of Invasions by North Carolina artist Celia Johnson

This year’s exhibition is the third generation of the innovative and well-received “The Idiosyncratic  Pencil” at Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery in 2018. The exhibition is inspired by

William Henry Fox Talbot’s 1844 “The Pencil of Nature,” Ray Johnson’s New York Correspondence School in the 1950s, and the Fluxus movement of the 1960s.

“’The Idiosyncratic Pencil Redrafted’ is both an assessment  and a dare, both a temperature reading of this volatile moment in time and an invitation to reflect,” Stoddard said.

“Compounding this challenge is an urgent and overwhelming desire to be heard, seen, and noticed, after nine long months of masked and  muffled containment and restraint.

“’The Idiosyncratic Pencil Redrafted’ is the artist’s voice and their considered perspective upon the current nature of  image-making during this cloistered, upside-down, inside-out age of unending upheaval.”

Forty-plus national and international artists are included: Susan Bee, Patrick Berran, Pascal Blanchard, Michael Brennan, BomP, Mary Coats, Jim Condron, Holly Crawford, William Crump, Alison Denyer, Dan Devening, Russell Floersch, Gigi Gatewood, Lynne H. Ghenov, Michelle Grabner, Emily Hass, Anne Herbert, Jesse Hickman, Daniel Hill, Rachel Jablo, Celia Johnson, Susan Klein, Bonny Leibowitz, Eliot Markell, Bascha Mon, Cyrilla Mozenter,  Richard Neal, Julia Oldham, Rob De Oude, Paul Pagk, Alex Paik, Gelah Penn, Gary Petersen, Jessica Scott-Felder,  Manuel Schmettau, Ward Schumaker, Susan Shup, Ann Stoddard, Sarah Stolar, Samantha Swann, Jeanne Tremel, Ken Weathersby, Wilma Vissers, Michael Webster, Brian Whitney.

The resulting images and content (open-ended and à la carte—representation, abstraction, concept, line, photograph, text,  repurpose) are improvisational variants of their ongoing body of work, products of their individual processes, or a visual  membrane of sorts between their artistic practice and the bewildering, uncertain world around us.

About the Gallery

The Harper Center Gallery is located in the Harper Center for the Arts on the PC campus. The gallery typically hosts four exhibitions annually—two exhibitions of work from nationally/internationally recognized artists, the Senior Art Major Exhibition, and the Annual Student Exhibition. Because of the pandemic, the Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery is closed for public viewing at this time.