Alumna lives the College motto as an occupational therapist

Alumna lives the College motto as an occupational therapist

Crissy Ellis Waters ’98 chose to major in biology because she loves science and because biology professor Dr. Jim Wetzel was one of her favorite professors at PC.

“He made biology interesting and fun,” Waters said.

But when she graduated, Waters wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her degree.

She spoke to a family friend about career options. The friend, who was the dean of students at the Medical College of Georgia at the time, introduced Waters to occupational therapy.

“The gift of helping others”

Waters took a few prerequisite courses before going on to earn a master’s in occupational therapy. She’s been living the College motto, “While We Live, We Serve,” in her young career as an OT.

“Occupational therapy has blessed me with the gift of helping others,” Waters said.

“It is a career with many paths to choose from, and it offers endless possibilities of assisting people of all ages.”

Occupational therapy is helping people become independent with everyday life skills, Waters says.

“If you are a child, that might be school skills, hand function, playing,” Waters said. “For adults, it is functioning independently at home with everyday life skills such as bathing, dressing, home making skills and hobbies.”

Waters has worked with children and adults so far in her career.

“Being a mother of a son with autism has given me the compassion to see disabilities from both sides and it has made me a better OT,” she said.

A Challenging, but Rewarding Career

Waters currently works in the home health field where she assists older adults become more independent in their everyday life skills.

“It is frustrating and trying sometimes, but at the end of the day, I would not trade my career path for anything,” Waters said.

Waters says she’s happy about PC’s new Occupational Therapy Doctoral program.

“It’s a perfect stepping stone for those who major in biology or the other sciences,” she said.

“The professors at PC were so helpful and caring, and I am sure that will be true of the graduate program as well. It is one more way PC invests in future students.”

Become an Occupational Therapist

Are you interested in making a difference as an occupational therapist? Please call 864-938-3710 or complete this form to learn more information about PC’s Occupational Therapy Doctoral program.