PC turning 112 Musgrove into off-campus, student-run space

PC turning 112 Musgrove into off-campus, student-run space

Presbyterian College students will take over a Clinton downtown building and turn it into a student-driven social hub.

At the groundbreaking on Thursday, Oct. 21, PC president Dr. Matthew vandenBerg said the former College bookstore is a perfect place for students to meet and play – to unwind from their studies and obligations or put their considerable talents on display.

“PC students want and deserve places away from campus to enjoy,” he said. “112 Musgrove gives them that space to create a greater sense of community, deepen their relationships with one another, and have a great time doing it.”

The 12,000 square-foot, College-owned facility is in the heart of Clinton’s downtown. 112 Musgrove offers ample space for a wide variety of activities – which will be imagined, planned, and primarily implemented by students, vandenBerg explained.

Ideas are already taking shape.

On the ground level, students may use the space for smaller group meetings. The third floor could be home to intimate “coffeehouse” events like poetry slams, game nights, or open-mic nights. The main floor is perfect for larger gatherings like receptions or dances.

Student Government Association president Noah Burkett said what he finds most exciting is that student input will direct the building’s use.

“I believe this is what will make the space even more important to the student experience at PC because we’ll feel like it’s genuinely our space away from the main campus,” he said.

Kennedy Wright, president of the College’s Multicultural Student Union, said 112 Musgrove also provides PC students another reason to stay in Clinton on the weekends.

“We needed a space where we can laugh, hang out, and speak freely – a place to just be, freely,” she said. “… It is a space where everyone belongs. Where everyone is home.

The College also believes re-opening 112 Musgrove for students is a boost to downtown Clinton. vandenBerg said one of the first people he met in Clinton was mayor and PC alumnus Bob McLean. Mayor McLean had a clear goal for his alma mater – finding ways to bring students, faculty, and staff to the downtown area.

“Our fates are intertwined,” said vandenBerg. “Together, we’re one tide that rises and falls together. If we can come together and do some special things, our best days will absolutely be ahead of us.”

McLean called the groundbreaking a “great day for the City of Clinton” and said city leaders discussed adding a “cool” place for people to enjoy downtown. The mayor said he was grateful that the College swiftly answered the call to create such a place.

“The thought of PC students gathering in our downtown, eating in our restaurants, shopping in our stores is an exciting idea and will make an immediate impact on our downtown – making it a cool place to gather.”

vandenBerg said 112 Musgrove will “roar back to life” next spring.