Q&A With Grayson Horton, ’22, Senior History Major with Music and Political Science Minors

Q&A With Grayson Horton, ’22, Senior History Major with Music and Political Science Minors

Why did you choose to come to PC?

I chose PC because of the unique opportunity it provided me to both play in the chamber orchestra as a cellist, and soccer.  To find a blend in an institution where I could explore both passions of mine were available was quite difficult, and ultimately PC was the right place to achieve my aspirations in those areas. Moreover, I decided to choose PC because of the value of the education, in that nearly 100% of graduates were accepted into their desired graduate school or entered the workforce very shortly after graduation.

What made you interested in majoring in history?

Before I arrived at PC, I was interested in studying history because of its emphasis on research skills and critical thinking, as well as just a general fascination with the subject. From a young age, I became familiar with the importance of history when visiting the South Carolina State Museum with my grandparents. Not long thereafter my interest in the subject blossomed into a true passion, as I wanted to learn more about the people, places, and locations of the past.

How would you describe your experience in PC’s History Department?

I have loved being a part of the History Department here at PC. The faculty in our department are incredibly gifted and intelligent and push students to examine history in a challenging and beneficial way, without corrupting the true joy of learning. Moreover, the History Department here is a welcoming environment from the moment you arrive, providing a variety of opportunities (both social and academic) from which students may develop relationships with fellow history majors/minors and professors.

What advice would you give to students considering coming to PC and majoring in history?

My advice in considering both PC and a history major is to recognize the intimacy and attention you’ll experience while studying here. Unique to PC is the fact the institution provides a much smaller class size in comparison to larger Universities. The value of smaller class sizes is found in a more individualized approach to learning in comparison to the monstrous class sizes that exist in many institutions today.  My advice to those considering a history major is to assess the unique benefits the major offers. When it comes to the history major, I’ve improved significantly in areas of research, writing, and critical thinking, all of which are valuable assets to graduate schools and employers alike.