The Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council (DIAC) established in 2018 includes ten faculty and staff members (each with two-year appointments, potentially renewable for up to two terms and with the first group split between one-year and two-year terms) and six ex officio members that include: the Vice President of Campus Life, the Vice President of Human Resources and Title IX, the Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, the Director of Academic Success and Retention, the Chair of the Multicultural Affairs and Concerns Committee, and the Assistant Chaplain for Multicultural Community Engagement.

The DIAC will work with the Director of Diversity and Inclusion (DDI) to recommend steps to create, enhance, and maintain an inclusive and nurturing campus environment.

The DIAC will focus on developing a campus culture where individuals with varying experiences associated with race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic class, sexual orientation, religion, differing political views, and disability are valued for versus discriminated against their individual contributions and where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

The DIAC will work with the DDI, the President, and members of the Leadership Team on 1) collecting information from individuals and groups, 2) developing programming and resources, 3) recommending goals and timelines, and 4) assessing implementation and effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Instilling an institutional culture of awareness through education, programming and training
  • Incorporating diversity in curricular design and adopting instructional methods that ensure inclusion
  • Improving recruitment, retention, and graduation outcomes for underrepresented groups of students
  • Improving recruitment, retention, and advancement opportunities for underrepresented groups of faculty and staff

Each fall, the DIAC will work with the DDI to develop an annual plan for this work that, upon adoption by the President and the Leadership Team, will be shared with the campus community. Once adopted and shared with the campus, the DIAC will meet with the DDI, the President, and the Leadership Team at least twice during the academic year to share its observations about diversity and inclusion on campus, conclusions about the effectiveness of programs, and recommendations for future actions. Each spring before Commencement, the DIAC will submit a report summarizing its work to both the DDI and the President.

The DIAC will understand in all its work that, as a church-related liberal arts college with a unique identity and stated mission, Presbyterian College is committed to the goal of “helping students attain a sense of dignity, self-worth, and appreciation of other persons of diverse backgrounds.” This is important for the whole campus community, and one of the greatest values of the academy is the free, open and, most importantly, respectful exchange of ideas and opinions. While we have fundamental freedoms as individuals to express opinions and to hold diverse points of view, as a community of inquiry we also have responsibility for how those views are communicated across our campus. Statements that encourage hostility among groups and demean specific individuals or groups diminish everyone in the PC family.

DIAC Membership

Below are the names of the DIAC membership for the 2019-2020 academic year:

  • Ms. Dee Nichols, Senior Associate Athletic Director
  • Prof. Kirk Nolan, Religion and Philosophy
  • Prof. Payal Ray, Biology
  • Prof. Sarah Burns, Psychology
  • Prof. Kate Anderson, Psychology
  • Prof. Erin McAdams, Political Science
  • Prof. Serge Afeli, School of Pharmacy
  • Mr. Kendall Givens-Little, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Mr. Viet Ha, Director of the Office of International Programs
  • Mr. Drew Peterson, Director of Residence Life
  • Prof. William Harris, History, Chair of MACC, ex officio
  • Dr. Joy Smith, VP of Campus Life, ex officio
  • Dr. Norm Bryan, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, ex officio
  • Dr. Amy Davis, Director of Academic Success and Retention, ex officio
  • Rev. Racquel Gill, Assistant Chaplain for Multicultural Community Engagement, ex officio