The Office of Communications & Marketing manages the use of the college’s trademarks by way of a licensing program that encourages proper use that will reflect favorably on Presbyterian College and will produce maximum revenue for its benefit.

Permission to use the college name or trademarks for commercial purposes is granted by a nonexclusive license. The College purchases only licensed merchandise.

Licensed manufacturers pay a royalty for the use of the College’s trademarks. The royalty rate is a percentage of net sales of all products in association with which any College trademark is used.

The College’s purchase of its use—and not resale—is exempted from royalty payments. No other royalty exemptions are allowed.


All inquiries regarding use of the PC trademarks should be directed to the Office of Communications  & Marketing.

Trademark Artwork

Camera-ready art may be obtained from the Office of Communications & Marketing.

License Agreement

Applications for license should be submitted to the Office of Communications & Marketing.

Product Approval

A representative sample of any product to be produced for sale bearing the College’s trademarks must be submitted for approval prior to production. The manufacturer will be provided camera-ready art for the trademarks after a License Agreement is signed. The manufacturer must submit a production sample of the product for final approval. Should a product sample be disapproved, the manufacturer may resubmit a conforming or revised sample for approval. Additional products may be submitted for approval during the term of the License Agreement.

Licensed products shall be reviewed periodically to ensure that the manufacturer adheres to the agreed standards, specifications, and characteristics for each product.