The Office of Marketing & Communications provides information about breaking news stories, upcoming events and noteworthy achievements among faculty, staff, and students.

We’re here to provide news and media outlets with the resources they need to tell their stories about Presbyterian College.

Resources for the Media

Use the following resources when covering Presbyterian College:

Please email when seeking any of the following for your media coverage of Presbyterian College:

  • Comment from a Presbyterian College leadership member or administrator
  • Requests for photos or videos of our campus
  • Requests for photos of leadership members or administrators

Suggest a Story

You’ve got great story ideas. We want to hear them — and tell them, whether it’s through the a press release or another channel. Send us your suggestion, and we’ll identify the communication mode and time frame that best fits your story.

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Sports Information

The Presbyterian College athletics website is updated daily and includes information including schedules, rosters, news releases, and scores.


Simon Whitaker, Associate AD of Sports Information
(864) 833-8252

Davis Simpson, Assistant Sports Information Director, New Media Manager
(864) 833-7095

News Releases

All news releases distributed by the College, dating back to 2013, are searchable in PC News.