A student with physical or learning disabilities must register with the Office of the Provost in order to receive accommodations from normal academic procedures.

He/she must also submit evaluation(s) from appropriate healthcare professional(s). Our disability support services coordinator reviews this information and may make further recommendations for documentation or accommodations. At that point, the student meets with the coordinator to develop his/her accommodations plan. The student then provides this information to his/her professors.

When a new student first enrolls for the fall semester, the registration form¬†and documentation must be submitted no later than July 1 preceding enrollment. A new student enrolling at other times should contact the provost’s office (see below).

For a continuing student, the process is usually simpler because his/her accommodations plan is kept on file in the provost’s office. He/she simply needs to stop by the provost’s office at the beginning of each semester to confirm continued registration and pick up a copy of the plan to deliver to his/her new professors. A student normally needs to provide new documentation or meet with the coordinator only if his/her situation changes (e.g. needs new accommodations).

For more details, see Accommodations Guidelines, or contact the provost’s office:

Shannon Lattimore
Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost
(800) 476-7272 ext 8297

Registration Form (PDF file)