Students talking at the columns Presbyterian College Clinton SC | Points of Inspiration


We are committed to a strong liberal arts curriculum that develops critical thinking skills across disciplines. We believe it takes a community to make a great college. PC graduates are well-rounded, thoughtful, and intelligent contributors to society.


90% of our graduates continue to graduate school or start their careers within six months of graduation. These graduates have lived by the PC honor code during their years here, which teaches accountability and respect across the campus. This code follows our graduates into the workplace and sets them apart.


Our campus has pride that speaks to our strong community. Blue Pride joins diverse campus groups in a common bond that unite students across interests. There are over 100 organizations and clubs to choose from. Our student body is active! From clubs to Greek life to outdoor movies to student government—we’re on the go. We’re also fit from Division I sports to intramural, no one sits on the sidelines. #GoBlueHose


100% of students study abroad, intern, or participate in research. Our students are also engaged in broader community work through Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, mission work, and faith groups. This engagement reflects our motto: “While we live, we serve.”


PC is home. From professors who care about an extended family of supporters, including staff, administrators, coaches, classmates, and alumni—everyone is focused on helping students grow.


We want students to grow in mind and spirit during their time here. PC nurtures students in their understanding of religious thought through student groups, worship services, and student ministry opportunities.


PC’s campus blends old Georgian Revival architecture and new facilities, with numerous buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. Founded by Dr. William Plumer Jacobs in 1880, it has evolved from its first building, Recitation Hall, on four acres of land to the 1906 construction of our landmark building: Neville Hall. Today, there are 240 acres of natural beauty for you to explore. 98% of students live on campus. It’s alive with activity, moving forward.