At PC, our students are encouraged to explore new opportunities. Whether it’s traveling abroad to study a culture or seeking new knowledge through research projects, our students continue to be inspired to learn.

Summer Fellow, Ellen D’Amico studies granular flow

Presbyterian College student Ellen D’Amico, a junior dual degree physics and engineering major from Bluffton, S.C., spent the summer performing experiments to study the effects of grain shape on confined granular flows. “Granular materials are collections of macroscopic particles, such as corn, rice, and peas,” D’Amico said. “Grain silos store granular particles and are subjected

Summer Fellow Jarred Brown works with advisor to conduct research on type 2 diabetes

Jarred Brown, a junior biochemistry major from St. Stephen, S.C., is working with his advisor Dr. Evelyn Swain, associate professor of chemistry to expand her research on type 2 diabetes. Brown is using the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as a model for type 2 diabetes because the proteins that transport glucose in human cells are similar

Presbyterian College students Andrew Rhodes and Anna Crosby research high-functioning, low-cost 3D printed prosthetics

Presbyterian College students Andrew Rhodes, a junior physics major, from Lugoff, S.C., and Anna Crosby a junior physics major, from Camden, S.C., are spending the summer researching high-functioning, low-cost 3D printed prosthetics. “The loss of a limb can be a traumatic experience for a person,” they said. “Prosthetics restore functionality and confidence to the user.

Summer Fellow, Joseph Kovas researches the revival of a Methodist tradition

Under the advisement of Dr. Craig Vondergeest, associate professor of religion, Summer Fellow Joseph Kovas is spending the summer researching a continuation of the Methodist tradition, the revived Methodist class meetings. Kovas is a senior religion major. Kovas’ asks the question of if the modern day small group meetings in Methodist churches a continuation of

Summer Fellow, Ashley Wren uses research to help her community

Ashley Wren, a senior psychology major from Murfreesboro, Tenn., is using data collected from CHAMPS students to help the PC community learn more about the future generation of Laurens county—and how to most effectively discover ways to capitalize on these students’ strengths. Wren’s research is supervised by Dr. Brooke Spatta, associate professor of psychology and

Summer Fellow, Ashlee Anderson hopes to improve psychotherapy with wilderness therapy

Ashlee Anderson, a senior psychology major from Chapin, S.C., is studying wilderness therapy as a part of her Summer Fellow research. Her research looks to see how wilderness therapy works and is different from traditional indoor therapy. “I hope to find ways that we can better improve psychotherapy and make it more available to people

Summer Fellow, Mikaela Springer, looks to challenge modern views on Abraham Lincoln

Mikaela Springer, a senior history major, from Cameron Park, Calif., is studying the historiography of Abraham Lincoln and particularly his role as commander-in-chief during the American Civil War as a part of her Summer Fellows project. “My research involves studying the wartime actions taken by Lincoln during his presidency and trying to discern the true

Summer Fellow, Sydney Blue, uses research to combine interests in physics and music

Sydney Blue, a junior double major in physics and music, from Titusville, Fla., is using her research “Sound Propagation in Granular Materials,” to study how to efficiently send sound through granular materials. “Since the Earth’s surface is granular material, this work has many applications including land mine detection and oil exploration,” Blue said. “I create

Summer Fellow, Caroline Dyar, looks to uncover genetic patterns that make breast cancer cells aggressive

Caroline Dyar, a junior double major in applied mathematics and economics from Marietta, Ga., is working with Dr. Austin Shull, assistant professor of biology, to conduct a multivariate comparison of DNA methylation events between different types of breast cancer. “My family has been directly affected by breast cancer,” Dyar said. “I am honored to be

Summer Fellow, Madison Corthell, looks to expand literary research

Madison Corthell, a senior majoring in English, French, and international studies began her research “Scandinavian Influences on Victorian Britain” well before the summer began in an effort to expand on her existing research and to use it for honors research. “I find this topic interesting because it exposes deep cultural links between England and other