Why did you choose to come to PC?

I chose PC because it offered me the opportunity to wrestle and continue my education. I first attended Arizona State and then transferred to the University of Oklahoma to continue wrestling in my home state. But, out of sheer chance, I heard that former OU wrestling coach Mark Cody was starting the first woman’s D1 wrestling program here in Clinton, SC, at a school that I honestly had never heard of. So, I got in contact with him, took the chance, and transferred once again, grateful that I did. PC was the right decision because I was able to balance wrestling, work, and ROTC while receiving an unbelievable education unlike any other school I have attended previously, with the help of the great faculty, staff, and coaches.

What made you interested in majoring in history?

I have always enjoyed learning about American history in grade school growing up, but by the time I was in college, despite majoring in psychology, I found myself taking several history courses because of how interesting I found it to learn about the past. Coming to PC, I decided to major in history as well because of the great diversity of courses offered here and the opportunity to broaden my skills in critical thinking, research, and writing.

How would you describe your experience in PC’s History Department?

I have enjoyed and loved every minute of being a part of PC’s History Department. Since joining, the faculty and staff have been welcoming and caring about my personal endeavors and furthering my education. In my final year here at PC, I have juggled many life milestones from marriage, starting a family, and commissioning as a 2nd LT in the U.S. Army. Yet, the History Department has been very supportive through these life changes, but ultimately, they made sure that I received the education I needed to succeed, where I learned so much about myself in and out of the classroom. I am truly grateful for all that PC, and the History Department have given me.

What advice would you give to students considering coming to PC and majoring in history?

Take it from someone who has been to big universities across the country; if you are considering coming to PC, do it. The education at PC is extraordinary; the class sizes are ideal for making sure that you are seen as a student and not just another number, and the faculty and staff know your name and care about your education. My advice for students considering majoring in history is that it is well worth it because I have personally learned so many valuable skills that will help me beyond my time at PC, like improving my writing, critical thinking, and research skills.