Why join ROTC?

Army ROTC courses are among the best leadership courses in the country. Classroom experience and field training grant students first-hand opportunities to learn what it takes to lead others and motivate groups and how to conduct missions as an Army officer. Upon graduation from Army ROTC, students earn the bar of a Second Lieutenant and become a leader for life.

“The order, the self-discipline, the pride that had been instilled in me by ROTC was a tremendous companion to my basic liberal arts education and prepared me well for my Army career, or for that matter, any career I might have chosen.”
— GEN (Ret) Colin Powell, Former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Earn a four-year degree from PC while in the Army ROTC program, or complete the ROTC program in just two years by attending a five-week Leadership Training Course (LTC) at Ft. Knox, Kentucky in lieu of taking the Basic Course during the freshman and sophomore years. Students in the Army Reserve or Army National Guard can also complete the ROTC program while serving with their unit and receiving drill pay.

Additionally, scholarship cadets receive a tax-free monthly stipend, topping out at $500 for seniors, as well as $1,200 a year for books, and full tuition and fees are covered. Non-scholarship cadets receive the monthly stipend only. Students are commissioned as a Second Lieutenant the day they graduate and can be making the civilian equivalency of $68,000 within the first four years on active duty.

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