Resources for Students

We have compiled a list of frequently referred to videos and resources designed to help college students learn or reinforce the academic subject matter.

Calculus Resources – This site contains the jackpot of calculus resources and links to videos, tutorials, and practice problems

Chinese – The HSK Academy offers this free educational platform designed to help you learn Chinese. This site is highly recommended by Dr. Shen!

Learn a Language – free language learning lessons with audio flashcards and the dangerously addictive Lingo Dingo! Lessons available for Chinese, French, Greek, Spanish, and more!

Numerade – a free online video platform with thousands of videos to help students learn difficult STEM material. Refresh or catch up on STEM subjects such as Calculus, Chemistry, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Statistics.

Organic Chemist On Call – Dr. Jason Dinsmore is known as the OChem Whisperer and he’s ready to help you crush organic chemistry. Free OChem lectures, videos, tips, tricks, and practice problems.

The Bible Project – free, short-form, videos, podcasts, and resources to help students experience the story of the Bible. This is a great resource for studying the New and Old Testament.

Online Learning

How to Succeed in Online Classes » (PDF)


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Expectations in College

What Your College Professor Expects from You » (PDF)