Will Baird
I’m a Senior Creative Writing Major and a Media Studies Minor. You’ll usually catch me with a tennis racquet, pen, or coffee in hand. I love hikes, writing, anything outdoors, and other dangerous escapades. My specialty is English papers, but I can help with other things too (as long as there aren’t too many numbers).


Victoria Cannon
My name is Victoria Cannon and I am a junior this year at PC. I am majoring in English and biology with accompanying minors in chemistry and psychology. I am especially comfortable helping students with their scientific writing.


Anna Cooke
I am a senior Business Management and Accounting major and a Computer Science and Economics minor. I love idea development and figuring out what to discuss in an essay and how to organize it. I also enjoy working with ESL students.


Denise Devaney
I’m a sophomore majoring in English, and I’d love to help athletes with their papers.


Libby Fowler
I’m a senior, with majors in English and French, and minors in International Studies and Media Studies.  I enjoy working with students on their theses and helping them incorporate examples from outside sources.


Will Hobson
My name is Will Hobson, and I’m from the far reaches of West Georgia stuck here at PC. I was tricked into being an English Major about two years ago, and I haven’t yet been able to escape, although I have seen fit to waste my time in many other departments. I’m a very flexible tutor when it comes to writing subjects, and I always appreciate a challenge whether you are a new English Language Learner or have a billion-page capstone to correct.


Mary Grace Kay
I’m a sophomore, education major, and I love working with ESL students.


Danielle Nunnery
I am a junior from Easley, SC. am a Business Administration major with a concentration in Accounting. I enjoy working with students on citations and grammar, but I am up for any writing task.


Kevin Traynor
Senior. English Major, Computer Science Minor. Very comfortable with ESL students and brainstorming.


Bailey Woolley
I am a Junior English Major, and I love working with ESL students!