The Presbyterian College Writing Center in Neville 206 has style manuals, writing handbooks, handouts, and faculty guides to writing for many classes.

Writing tutors use these when you confer with them on your papers.

Reserve a writing conference to work on any of these areas in your papers.

Handouts and Links on Writing Topics

Writing Process
  • Check here for helpful tips on brainstorming, planning a paper, defeating writer’s block, and tips to make your paper better overall.
Revising, Editing, and Proofreading
  • You’ve finished a paper. Now what? Well, there’s actually still more for you to do. Dr. Alexander and Mrs. Jill Frey provide great tips to make your paper fulfill its potential.
Using Source Material
  • Don’t know how to properly use a source? Does that quotation just sound clunky? Check this guide out to help make your citations fit into your paper.
Writing Research Papers
  • Yikes! A research paper! Never fear, this guide explains to you step-by-step the best way to tackle a research paper.
Research Papers: A How To Guide
  • This detailed guide to writing a research paper leads you through each step of the process.
  • Trust us, there is such a thing as over quoting a source. Here’s how to weave your quotes into a paper the best way.
Citing Sources
  • Have to cite using an unfamiliar citation style? Don’t know how to cite?┬áThis guide gives you all the links you need to make sure you’re citing everything correctly.
Tips for Presentations
  • Need┬áto give a presentation? Here are some great tips to stand out while presenting.
PowerPoint Presentations
  • We’ve all seen those absolutely boring presentations. Here’s how to make your PowerPoints look professional and exciting.
Writing for Applications
  • Looking to apply to a job, grad school, or internships? Follow this link to make your application as strong as it can be.
Faculty Writing Guides
  • Many of our faculty have written guides to show how they want their papers to look, so it’s definitely a great idea to consult the one for your professor.