The Presbyterian College Writing Center has style manuals, writing handbooks, handouts, and faculty guides to writing for many classes.

Writing tutors use these when you confer with them on your papers. Schedule a Conference Online to work on any of these areas in your papers.

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Handouts and Links on Writing Topics

Writing Process – Check here for helpful tips on brainstorming, planning a paper, defeating writer’s block, and tips to make your paper better overall.
Revising, Editing, & Proofreading – You’ve finished a paper. Now what? Well, there’s actually still more for you to do.
Using Source Material – Don’t know how to properly use a source? Does that quotation just sound clunky? Check this guide out to help make your citations fit into your paper.
Writing Research Papers – Yikes! A research paper! Never fear, this guide explains to you step-by-step the best way to tackle a research paper.
Research Papers: A How To Guide – This detailed guide to writing a research paper leads you through each step of the process.
Quotations – Trust us, there is such a thing as over quoting a source. Here’s how to weave your quotes into a paper the best way.
Tips for Presentations – Need to give a presentation? Here are some great tips to stand out while presenting.
PowerPoint Presentations -We’ve all seen those absolutely boring presentations. Here’s how to make your PowerPoints look professional and exciting.

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Citing Sources

Ask your professor which style to use. The form of citation and documentation you use depends on the department for which you are writing your paper. Schedule a Conference Online to work with a writing center tutor on using and citing sources in research papers. Tutors have hard copies of style manuals to use in conferring with students on citations.

Professors at Presbyterian College prefer the following documentation styles in their classes:

The English Department prefers the Modern Language Association style (MLA)

  • MLA University of Wisconsin

The Psychology and Education Department prefer the American Psychological Association style (APA)

The History Department and Religion & Philosophy Department prefer Chicago Style

The Chemistry and Biology Department may prefer one of the following styles

  • CBE University of Wisconsin

Citation generators create your reference list and in-text citations for you after you type in the information about a source.

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Application Writing

As you apply for graduate school, medical school, law school, or scholarships, the Writing Center can help you work on writing the important documents you need, such as personal statements and essays. Schedule a Conference Online to work with a tutor to get started, developing, focusing, and editing your personal statement.

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Faculty Writing Guides

Presbyterian College faculty have shared guidelines for writing papers in their disciplines. Schedule a Conference Online to work with a writing center tutor on papers in any class.





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