Mrs. Michelle DeLoach Satcher

Michelle DeLoach Satcher earned a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences from the University of Georgia in 1991. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Augusta University in 1993.

Satcher was a kindergarten teacher for 12 years before working as a designer and organization specialist for DeLoach Designs. She was an office manager for Jim Satcher Motors from 2011 to 2017before serving as director of marketing and communications for Wardlaw Academy from 2017 to 2020.

Satcher enjoys watching her two boys play sports and photographs every event. Her favorite to photograph is football. She has a junior at PC on the Blue Hose football roster who is a running back and a junior in high school who is a quarterback.

She enjoys packing up the car and setting up tailgates so that her friends of all ages can enjoy game day. Long ago, the decision was made that only one set of season tickets could be kept. Her husband, a diehard Clemson Tiger, won that decision, but not many afterwards.