Physician Assistant Tuition Summary

Items Included Within the Tuition & Fees:

  • All Required Textbooks/Journals
  • Virtual Computer-based dissection software
  • Lab Coat with College embroidered logo and student name
  • Scrubs with College embroidered logo and student name (2 pairs)
  • Usage of a Professional Instrument Kit
  • Background Check Costs
  • Drug Screening Costs
  • Parking Fee
  • Graduation Fee
  • Use of Microsoft Office 360© while a PC student
  • AAPA Student Membership
  • SCAPA Student Membership
  • Student Certifications (subject to change):
    • BLS
    • ACLS
    • Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Universal Precautions
    • NIH Stroke Scale Certification
    • HIPAA for Healthcare Workers Compliance
    • Aseptic Techniques
    • Compliance, Ethics, and Fraud for Health Care Workers
    • Abuse and Neglect
    • Operating Room Protocols
    • TB Prevention
    • Patient and Family Education
  • PACKRAT Testing Fees
  • Anatomy & Physiology Materials
  • PAEA EOR Exam Fees
  • PANCE Board Review Materials
  • Laptop privacy screen
  • Software usage of clinical tracking software, ExamSoft
  • All Library Resources, Turning Point, and Sim Man simulation center
  • Student Professional Liability Insurance during the program2

Escrow Deposit

A $1,500 non-refundable escrow deposit is required of accepted students to indicate the intent to matriculate in Presbyterian College Physician Assistant Studies Program. A student must remit the deposit by the deadline stated in his/her acceptance letter to retain his/her conditionally offered seat in the class.

Payments of Tuition and Fees

All charges are due and payable on the schedule published by the Business Office. Circumstances which prevent a student from adhering to these dates should be discussed with the Office of Student Accounts. Students attending school under grants and/or loans should confer with the Office of Student Accounts concerning payment of fees. Students attending school under the G.I. Bill may discuss payment of school fees with the Office of Student Accounts. These students must also submit all required paperwork to the College’s VA Certifying Official. Failure to make proper payments, unless otherwise cleared with the Office of Student Accounts, will result in dismissal from the College. The College will not issue grades, grant degrees, or furnish academic transcripts until all financial obligations have been satisfied and all College property returned. Policies and procedures for leave of absence, short-term leave, and withdrawal can be found in the PA Student Bulletin.

Refund Schedule

Refunds for Withdrawal from All Classes – If withdrawal occurs during the first 60% of the semester, all aid that is not earned will be returned to the aid program involved. Refunds will be calculated on a per diem basis tied to the semester calendar. If a credit balance results from the adjustments to tuition, fees, room, board, and financial aid, a refund will be disbursed. Students who withdraw in the final 40% of the semester will receive no reduction in charges. An administrative fee of $100 will be charged on all withdrawals.

  • If a student withdraws/drops a class, all books and equipment must be returned.
  • $1,500 non-refundable acceptance fee will not be considered for a tuition refund.

The student’s account will be credited only after the proper withdrawal forms have been filed with the Registrar and the exit interview is completed. Students must contact the Registrar’s Office to officially withdraw from the school. Students who discontinue class attendance without officially completing the withdrawal procedure will be responsible for the full amount of applicable tuition and fees and all active courses graded with a grade of “F”.

Additional Expenses Not Covered within Tuition & Fees (see table below for estimated costs):

  • Students are required to maintain their own health insurance3
  • Students are required to have a laptop with Microsoft Office software (Microsoft Office 360© provided while a PC student)
  • Students are required to have various immunizations according to CDC recommendations4
  • Student housing, transportation, room, board, and all other living expenses
  • Students who do not successfully complete a rotation and need to repeat the rotation will be liable for the rotation fees, approximately $1000.


Off-campus housing is available in the surrounding area. Students must arrange for off-campus housing individually. Room and board are not included in tuition since off- campus housing is not provided by Presbyterian College.

Summary of Estimated Expenses*

2023-2024 Cost of Attendance – Off Campus

Year One
Direct Costs Fall Spring Summer Total 
Tuition 18,667    18,667      18,666  56,000
Indirect Costs  Fall  Spring  Summer  Total
Housing     4,287   4,287       4,287       12,861
Food    3,033     3,033       3,033       9,099
Transportation      1,521       1,521        1,521       4,563
Loan Fees           67        67               66         200
Personal     1,000      1,000         1,000      3,000
Total    9,908   9,908        9,907      29,723
Total Cost of Attendance  $  28,575  $  28,575  $  28,573  $       85,723
Year Two
Direct Costs Fall Spring Summer Total 
Tuition    14,600  14,600      14,600      43,800
Indirect Costs  Fall   Spring   Summer   Total 
Housing  4,287       4,287       4,287      12,861
Food  3,033      3,033         3,033       9,099
Transportation 3,042  3,042   3,042  9,126
Loan Fees 67 67 66  200
Personal 1,000  1,000         1,000      3,000
Total    11,429   11,429      11,428 34,286
Total Cost of Attendance  $  26,029  $  26,029  $  26,028  $       78,086

Financial Aid

For financial aid information, please view the financial aid page for Physician Assistant Studies Program students at Presbyterian College.


At this time, we do not offer scholarships.

1 All tuition, fees, and included items are projected/estimated costs and are subject to change at any time.
2 Students enrolled in the Presbyterian College Physician Assistant Studies Program have professional liability coverage provided by the College for those activities that are a direct result of student learning, to include participating in experiential learning. Please note that this coverage does not extend to outside employment, summer internships, or internships independent of College Physician Assistant coursework. Students may also elect to carry additional supplemental professional liability insurance.
3 All Physician Assistant students are required to have adequate health insurance coverage throughout the program. It is the responsibility of the student to adequately research the cost of insurance while in the program as the College does not provide health insurance for students. Students must furnish evidence of having the insurance prior to enrollment and must provide documentation at the beginning of each academic year. Students are required to sign a statement indicating their understanding of maintaining personal health insurance at all times and failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program. Students are personally liable for all health/medical costs incurred while attending the College.
4 Students are required to have various immunizations (see PA Student Bulletin). These expenses are not included in tuition & fees and the student is responsible for calculating costs and having the required immunizations.
5 Students are responsible for arranging their own housing accommodations, transportation, and any expenses associated with travel to and from campus, to and from clinical rotation experiences, and travel expenses for conferences.