Jordan White Physician Assistant Student Presbyterian CollegeJordan White

PA Student
Class of 2022

Lenoir-Rhyne University ’17
Major: Biology


What activities and organizations were you involved in as an undergraduate?

I spent time volunteering in the community during undergraduate studies, and I played four years of collegiate golf at Lenoir-Rhyne.

What did you do after you graduated?

After graduation I spent time working as a CNA to gain hands-on healthcare experience.  I continued taking courses needed for PA programs while working, and eventually left my job as a CNA to be a pharmacy technician.  Recently I have been working on my Masters in Public Health at Lenoir-Rhyne University.  My MPH will be completed following graduation at PC.

If you’ve done any volunteer work, please list what you’ve done and where.

At Burke County Hospice, I sat with patients who were under hospice care to either give them somebody to talk to or give their loved ones a break.  I would travel either to their home or a long-term care facility depending on where they lived.

Purple Ribbon Thrift Store is a non-profit organization where all proceeds went back into the community for victims of domestic violence.  Additionally, clothes that could not be sold were bagged up and sent overseas to other countries.  I helped accept and move donations, cleaning, and bagging up clothes to be donated.

How or why did you become involved in this volunteer work?

I got involved with Burke County Hospice because I saw this as an opportunity to not only give back, but to learn as well.  I decided to seek out Hospice Care because it was interesting to me.  This opportunity allowed me to alleviate some stress or worries from family members who stay with that loved one and it taught me how different people are.  Nobody walks the same steps as the person beside them.  Some experiences you can’t learn on your own.

Getting involved with Purple Ribbon was a different process.  I had lived close to the thrift store since they had opened and never knew what they were about until I stopped by one day.  Getting to know those who were working there, understanding their experiences of what led them to be there is what got me interested and involved.

What are some of your hobbies or interests?

Playing golf as much as possible in my free time, even when raining.  Spending time with friends and family and I like to follow most major sports as well.

Why do you want to be a PA?

I decided that I had great interest in the field when I was going into my senior year of college.  Previously, I had my CNA licensure and spent time shadowing in Orthopedics, so I had a general sense of direction. Just prior to my senior year I took the time to research and understand what fields made the most sense for myself.  It was already established that it was going to be healthcare, but understanding the direction the field was going was vital for myself.  PAs were also something I was starting to see in increasing numbers at home.  Much of where I have grown up is considered rural.  Seeing the trends of why PAs are needed, what areas they can work in, and being able to plan and provide care for others are why I chose this field.  Much of my time following graduation in 2017 has been centered around preparing for PA school with experience and additional coursework.

Why did you choose the Presbyterian College PA Program?

I chose Presbyterian College because the campus and surrounding areas appealed to me in several ways. PC is centered on faith and serving those in need.  Both of these aspects are what I have grown up in for the last 25 years. The beliefs and how they present the program is as close to my undergraduate University and hometown as I could find.  PC and the PA program will quickly become my home away from home.