Landon Hewell

PA Student
Class of 2023

Southern Wesleyan University class of 2019, Summa Cum Laude
Majors: Pre-Medicine and Biology
Minor: Chemistry

Please include any type of honors you received when you graduated.

Summa Cum Laude, Dean’s List, Honors Program, Alpha Chi National Honor Society, Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society.

What activities and organizations were you involved in as an undergraduate? 

During my time at SWU, I was involved with the Honors Program, Presidential Ambassadors, Lifeguards, and tutoring programs.

The Honors Program allowed students to venture further into the realm of academia by providing them the resources necessary to conduct independent research. In this program, I researched the effects of follicle-stimulating hormones on the animal model of human rheumatoid arthritis. After this research concluded, I wrote a detailed article on my findings and presented that information at SWU and at the SCICU Undergraduate Student Research Symposium.

With the Presidential Ambassadors, I volunteered my time to give tours to prospective students and their families. This included performing various tasks for SWU’s Preview Days where large groups of potential students came to get a better look at what the university had to offer.

The Lifeguards Program was a form of spiritual peer mentorship where myself and others hosted events and spent time with different individuals to foster the spiritual and mental growth of the community.

For the majority of my time at SWU, I was a tutor with the Learning Center and the TRiO Student Success Center on campus. In both of these programs, I spent time with students to facilitate improvements in learning and understanding.

What did you do after you graduated? 

After I graduated from Southern Wesleyan University in 2019, I began working at AnMed Health Medical Center as a Patient Counselor. This position offered me the opportunity to better understand the inner workings of healthcare while also providing a chance to make connections and learn new information. After a year and a half working as a Patient Counselor, I was able to transfer into a new role as a Nursing Assistant to better prepare myself for the PA program here at PC.

If you’ve done any volunteer work, please list what you’ve done and where.

During the Summer of 2018, I volunteered with Hospice of the Upstate in Anderson, SC by sitting with patients for hours at a time to provide personal care and emotional support. I also worked to provide the appropriate materials to nursing and hospitality stations across the campus to meet family and client needs. Along with this, I created memorials for families by casting molds of their loved one’s fingerprints.

How or why did you become involved in this volunteer work?

I became involved in this volunteer work so that those who are at the end of their life would not be alone. In a hospice environment, it is important to ensure that the patients and their families are cared for, and I dedicated this time to do exactly that.

What are some of your hobbies or interests? 

I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends, watching sports and movies, and playing video games.

Please include any family information if you’d like.

In June of 2021, I was blessed with the opportunity to marry the love of my life, Meghan. She has one older brother, Brent, two younger brothers, Jacob and Caleb, one younger sister, Tillie, and her parents, Dean and Valerie. I have one older brother, Logan, and my parents, James and Juli. The two of us are extremely blessed to be a part of these loving, caring, and supportive families. 

Why do you want to be a PA? 

I want to become a PA so that I may utilize my knowledge, skillset, and passion to benefit those who are in need. My desire is to be a caring and efficient healthcare provider who makes people feel safe and healthy.

Why did you choose Presbyterian College PA Program? 

I chose Presbyterian College’s PA Program because their mission aligned with mine, and I felt confident I would receive the education and training necessary to become an excellent leader and servant in the field of medicine.