Morgan Fields 

PA Student 
Class of 2023

Clemson University class of 2020
Majors: Food Science and Human Nutrition 
Minors: Spanish Studies and Public Health

What activities and organizations were you involved in as an undergraduate? 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Pi Beta Phi, ClemsonLife, and ClemsonHope.

What did you do after you graduated? 

I was a scribe in internal medicine, rheumatology, and endocrinology at Internal Medical Associates in Greenville, SC and then moved to Nashville, TN were I worked as a medical assistant in a dermatology clinic until I started school.

If you’ve done any volunteer work, please list what you’ve done and where.

Volunteering with a special needs program at Clemson teaching the students how to cook and manage living alone.

Volunteering on a few mission trips to Baltimore, MD, Philly, PA, New Orleans, LA and the Dominican Republic.

How or why did you become involved in this volunteer work?

With my major being in human nutrition, our professor’s had connections with the special needs program at Clemson. As part of them learning to live on their own, they had to learn how to cook safely and effectively. We would help them prepare meal plans for the week, grocery shop, prep, cook and clean.

What are some of your hobbies or interests? 

I enjoy being active. I do most anything if it means I get to be outside. Snow skiing has been a recent favorite of mine although the time school requires has slowed down this interest a little. Additionally I enjoy playing the piano, guitar and singing when I’m stressed and need a fun activity.

Please include any family information if you’d like.

I’m from Greenville, SC and I love being near my family and have that support while I’m in school.

Why do you want to be a PA? 

The versatility of the PA profession is what interested me most. Committing to one speciality as a physician didn’t allow me to experience change and grow as I grow as a person.

Why did you choose Presbyterian College PA Program? 

PC was on my list because of its proximity to home and the ability to do my clinical rotations around Greenville. This is a place that I could see myself living after school. I wanted to be able to have clinical rotation with offices that I may be able to work with in the future.