Rachel Bissette

PA Student
Class of 2023

University of Mount Olive class of 2019, Cum Laude
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry

What activities and organizations were you involved in as an undergraduate? 

I was the President of the UMO Honor Society, the Vice President of the Science Club, and a member of the Psychology Club.

What did you do after you graduated? 

I worked in Home Health as a Certified Medical Assistant, and applied to PA schools across the nation.

If you’ve done any volunteer work, please list what you’ve done and where.

I was a Red Cross Volunteer in Goldsboro, NC for their blood drives and their Sound the Alarm Campaign as an advocate for fire safety by installing free fire alarms in underserved neighborhoods. I also was a member of the Disaster Action Team helping families during hardships after natural disasters such as hurricanes and house fires.

How or why did you become involved in this volunteer work?

I love to work within the community helping people! The Red Cross was fun too because some activities were medical based such as their blood drives.

What are some of your hobbies or interests? 

I enjoy gardening, kayaking, playing Xbox, and going for walks/exploring with my dog Kamilli!

Please include any family information if you’d like.

I have two fur babies Kamilli and Kahlua. Kahlua is my 8 year old cat, and Kamilli is my 5 year old dog who was a Hurricane Matthew rescue. Her name is African for perfection which is very fitting because she is perfect to me!

Why do you want to be a PA? 

I want to become a PA because I feel as if that is the best platform to help people the most. I have seen in past medical settings staff that cared more about profit than the patients, and I think it is really important to have medical providers who put patients first versus their own personal agenda. I am very excited for the future, and hope to touch many people’s lives as I practice medicine.

Why did you choose Presbyterian College PA Program? 

I chose Presbyterian College’s PA program mostly because they are a Christian-based school. As an undergraduate, I went to a private Christian university. The way they incorporated God around campus was beautiful, and very comforting, especially during the hardships college years may bring you. Also, the small student to teacher ratio was important to me because I like having those personal relationships with my mentors so that I may learn as much as possible during my years of being educated by them.