Martie Hiott '18: Senior History Major

Martie Hiott ’18: Senior History Major

Why did you choose to come to PC and what made you interested in majoring in history?
I chose to come to PC because I wanted a smaller school that would allow me to explore different subjects and ideas. PC is ideal because it is a small school that allows me to develop a sense of community around campus; I came from a very large high school and knew that I wanted a more personal college experience. I had no idea what I would major in when I came to PC. History had always been my favorite subject, but I never considered it as a major. As time came for me to choose a major, I knew I wanted to study something I really loved and for which I had a passion. The History Department and courses here helped turn my interest and enjoyment of history into a passion and dedication for the field of history.

How would you describe your experience in PC’s History Department?
I have had a stellar experience in PC’s History Department for a myriad of reasons. First, the faculty is an amazing team that brings so much to the table. Their willingness to help me inside and outside of class and their genuine interest in me as an individual are some of the reasons I felt led to major in history. The department allows students to explore many different subjects, ideas, and time periods, which kept my time at PC very interesting! There are so many options within the curriculum to find topics that you want to dive into further. In addition, while the past is the focus of history, PC’s History Department has helped me to use my understanding of the past to better understand the present day and to consider the trajectory of the future.

What advice would you give to students considering coming to PC and majoring in history?
My advice would be to feel comfortable approaching your history professors and other history majors. The faculty and students in the department love history and would love to be helpful in your college journey, so don’t hesitate to reach out and start forming relationships! I would also suggest taking a variety of classes that cover different eras, locations, and themes. For instance, one semester I had a class on India, one on China, one on America, and one on Europe. This semester was so fun because the topics I studied were so diverse, and often new to me! History is an on-going story, so I encourage you to keep going deeper into the story!

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