Micah Culbreth ‘17: Senior History Major

Micah Culbreth ‘17: Senior History Major

micah2Micah Culbreth is a senior history major and a biology and English minor. He serves as president of the Alpha Delta Omega chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity on PC’s campus. He is a member of Blue Hose football team and of the residence life staff on campus.

Why did you choose to come to PC and what made you interested in majoring in history?

My first time visiting PC was in 2013. During that time I was welcomed by everyone I met and instantly felt at home. The faculty, staff, and students created an environment that felt more like a big family instead of just a school. Before leaving the campus I knew PC was the place for me. Not only were the people at PC amazing but in the academic world, PC has a reputation for providing students with a great education. Finally, not only did I meet some great people and knew I would receive a great education, but I was also given the opportunity to play a collegiate sport as well.

I have always enjoyed history since I was a child. I started watching the History Channel when I was 5 years old. I am not exactly sure why as a 5-year-old, history documentaries interested me, but I sat there and watched whatever was on. My freshman year I came in thinking that I wanted to be a biology major, but after a few history classes, I was convinced that history was the best major for me. Also not only was the history major as a whole very interesting to me, but the history professors sealed the deal. They taught with so much enthusiasm that as a student you had no other choice except to enjoy their class and become a part of the History Department family.

How would you describe your experience in PC’s History Department?

My experience in PC’s History Department has been extremely positive. I have enjoyed the classes I have ever taken and have learned a lot. The professors are dynamic, easy to talk to, and encouraging the students in their classes. The professors teach with so much energy that you forget that you are in class; they make the history we are learning come to life. The professors also have an open door policy that makes them available regardless of the student’s concern whether they are academic or personal. Finally, when you step into the classroom you instantly know that the professors are passionate and committed to their students and the subjects they teach.

What advice would you give to students considering coming to PC and majoring in history?

The advice I would give students coming to PC is to stay focused on their dreams and not let anything distract them from achieving those goals no matter how big or small they may be. Also, new students should not be afraid to give their all to their work because their hard work will pay off.

The advice I would give to a student considering becoming a history major is first to find an area of study within the history major that you enjoy and follow that subject as long as you can. However, you should also not be afraid to branch out away from the topic you find interesting because there are many topics that you would not expect that will interest you. Further, I would advise new students who are considering majoring in history to come visit and sit in on a class and observe how the professor conducts a class. All of the classes in the History Department are both interesting and thought provoking, therefore you would not go wrong with choosing any of them. It would also be a good idea for any potential history major to come to the events that the History Department hosts; there you would be able to meet current history majors and professors.

Finally, I would also advise new students to enjoy the PC experience; it is unlike any other school in the world and you should try to enjoy every moment you are here because after you graduate you will miss it!

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