PC’s Health Science Program is designed to provide its pre-health science students a comprehensive pre-professional academic base and to prepare those students for admission to a variety of health science professional schools through curriculum advising, ability tracking, internships, newsletters, medical school tours, seminars, and entrance test preparation (such as the MCAT and DAT).

Most of PC’s pre-health science students are pre-medicine; therefore, heavy concentration is placed on preparation for the MCAT. Many other health science areas interest PC Students and the program is designed to address their respective advising issues. The program is administered by the Health Science Advisory Committee, which is comprised of faculty members from the departments of Biology, Chemistry, English, and Physics.

  • Dental Medicine
  • Doctor Of Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physician Assistant

Pre-Allied Health Sciences

Students interested in careers in allied health professions often spend two or three years at PC and then transfer to a medical university or other professional school to complete the training in such fields as nursing, radiologic technology, physical therapy, and medical technology.

Pre-Dental and Pre-Medical

Students must adhere to a rigorous schedule to prepare for medical and dental schools and for post-graduate admissions tests administered during the junior year at PC. Interested students should consult with the pre-medical/pre-dental advisor at their earliest opportunity.


Students may obtain at PC those courses necessary for admittance to a pharmacy school that accepts students at the third-year level. Be cause various pharmacy schools have slightly different requirements for admission, students and their college assigned advisors should ascertain the specific requirements of the schools of their choice and then develop an appropriate schedule of courses.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Students interested in entering a veterinary medicine program will be assigned a special advisor who will help them arrange their courses at PC to fulfill the specific requirements of the veterinary medicine school of their choice.