GPA Calculator

If you know your Grade Point Average (GPA) and total Semester Hours so far, you can project your final GPA by using our GPA Calculator. This is a Google Docs spreadsheet that you can access as follows:

  • Log in to your PC Gmail account if you aren’t already logged in.
  • Click on this link: GPA Calculator
  • Click on the Use this template button at the top of the page.

Hand Calculation

You can calculate your major or minor Grade Point Average (GPA) by hand as follows:

  • On your Major or Minor Form, enter all grades received, and their numerical values.
    • A = 4.0
    • A- = 3.7
    • B+ = 3.3
    • B = 3.0
    • B- = 2.7
    • C+ = 2.3
    • C = 2.0
    • C- = 1.7
    • D+ = 1.3
    • D = 1.0
    • F = 0.0
    • Multiply each grade by the number of semester hours (SH) to get the Quality Points (QP) for the course.
    • Calculate the total Semester Hours for all courses.
    • Calculate the total Quality Points for all courses.
    • Divide the total Quality Points by the total Semester Hours to get the GPA.

For the overall GPA, proceed similarly, but include all courses, not just major or minor courses.

  • Do not include classes with grades of TR (transfer credit), AP (Advanced Placement credit), CR, CLEP, etc.
  • Honors = A (do count)
  • Pass/Fail = S (don’t count)
  • Don’t count grade of P also.