Will I be able to discuss my decisions with a member of the faculty?
Students have access to each of PC’s Health Science advisors. These advisors are eager to assist students in course selection or offer advice about improving the chances for entering a health profession school. This personal attention allows students to take every advantage in preparing for admission to a health science program.

What is PC’s reputation with the regional medical schools?
PC is one of the most respected institutions among the regional medical schools. Each year, PC’s name appears beside other nationally-recognized schools. Medical school representatives are constantly praising PC alumni for being among the most well-prepared of their medical school students.

How do PC graduates fare in medical school?
PC students have proven up to the challenge of medical school. PC alumni have set one of the best graduation rates at regional medical schools. Medical schools pay close attention to such statistics when making their selection for future classes.  If you have other questions about the program, please contact Dr. John Inman at 1-800-476-7272.